Written by: Steve Patrick
Ages: 4-8 + Adults
Birthday Child: Boy

We hired Jeff’s deluxe package with the magical gift hats. Everyone had so much fun that I will have to do this again next year. The kids all want to be magicians now. Everything Exceeded my expectations. Thank you Jeff for making our party so easy to do and delightfully fun!!

Written by: Kim Tingley
Age: 4-7+ Adults
Birthday Child: Girl

I can’t even tell you how much time I wasted looking for a magician. The moment I spoke with Jeff I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. He brought these really cool looking colorful birds that appeared and the kids really liked playing with “trixy” his rabbit! This stuff made me feel like a kid again! I highly recommend him.

Written by: Angie Frisby
Ages: 3-5 + Adults
Birthday Child: Girl

Before hiring Jeff I made the mistake of hiring less qualified entertainers that were anything but entertaining… Jeff was so amazing I will never be able to top this. He even fooled my friends, it was like watching something you would see on TV.

Written by: Jodi Ganni
Age: 8-12
Birthday Child: Boys

Ten year olds are such a difficult age to plan a party around. Since it is the in-between age, everything just seemed to young or too old. Jeff really pulled this one off the party was a complete success! All of my friends were amazed at what all Jeff did, for such an affordable prices.

Written by: Mrs. Garber
Ages: 1-3 + Adults
Birthday Child: Girl

My daughter’s first birthday had a range of children from 4 months old to 14 year olds. There was something for every child to enjoy and I think at times it was just as much fun for the adults. All went well, Jeff made our party stress free. The children just loved him so much they wouldn’t let him go. Thank you so much.

Written by:Jessica McDivitt
Ages: 4-7
Birthday Child: Boy

I have run across Jeff’s performance at several local events and had no idea he would come out for a birthday party. My son was so excite he had to invite his whole class (25 kids).

I was impressed at how Jeff’ created a stage in our living room in seconds. He even had a sound system with mike, just to entertain our small group. He really knows how to work the kids, they were engaged every moment,

If you are looking for a magician you have to hire Jeff. Even if your not looking for a magician you have to hire him, just to see what this guy can do. He’s incredible.

Written by:Lyn Roberts
Age: 4-7
Birthday Child: Boy and Girl

The party was for both my son and daughter. — absolutely terrific!
It has been over a week now and Justin and Alex still loved wearing their magical hats and acting like Jeff. The party favors were perfect and appropriate for boys and girls. It saved me so much time and it would have cost me a fortune to put something like this together. Jeff had it all, amazing magic show, amazing balloons, and amazing party favors.
Just wanted to say thanks –I will have to recommend you to everyone I know. Thank You!!

Written by:Brian Stephenson
Ages: 7
Birthday Child: Boy

It has been almost a year now since we hire you for Andy’s birthday last June…My son loved your show so much that he is still talking about it. Andy and his friends are now trying to put on their own magic show and I was wondering if I could hire you to teach them a couple tricks…

Written by:Sowmya&Raj
Ages: 1-10 +Adults
Birthday Child: Girl

Just wanted to send a note of appreciation and thanks for an awesome show. With the party being our daughter’s first birthday, the age range of children who attended was wide but each one had loads of fun and so did the adults. The goody bags were a huge hit too. Lots of our friends call to say that you’ve made such an impression on the kids that all of them are busy putting on their own shows at home!

Thanks again for a wonderful performance. Needless to say we’ll recommend you to everyone we know. For friends who attended the party, being there was recommendation enough.

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